Sunday, December 21, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Well, it is pretty snowy here and the title for this blog entry pretty much says it all! The first picture below is our front yard about 2 days ago. We had non-stop snow all day yesterday and there is more snow on the ground! Bryan went out last night and measured the top of the car and we have 4 3/4 inches. And freezing rain came down last night, so it is icy out there! Bryan didn't go to work today because he can't chase down dogs in this weather! So we will bake and frost cookies, do laundry, hang and and enjoy staying warm in our house!

This is the first year that the boys actually "played" in the snow! Last year we took them to an area that had lot's of snow and they stood in it and screamed! This year was completely different and so much fun! They LOVED playing in the snow and if I asked them if they were ready to go inside, they would say "No Mommy!". Daniel enjoyed piling snow on the patio for Zoe' to eat and he kept filling their outside water dish with snow. Cameron grabbed the broom out of the garage and kept sweeping the snow! They tried eating snow and kept saying "Yummy"! They ran and ran and ran all over the yard and kept throwing snowballs and Mommy and Daddy! They also helped Daddy build a snowman! It is the first one Daddy has made in many, many years, but he did a pretty good job! It fell over the first night and he had to go fix it the next day! It is close to the road waving at drivers that go by!

We hope you are enjoying your warm house as well, if you are stuck in this ice and snow like us! And if you dare to venture out, be careful!!! Enjoy the fun photos below!


Our front yard and the road.

Daddy and the boys building a snowman!

Frosty the snowman!

Daniel piling snow up for Zoe' to eat!

Cameron enjoying the falling snow!

Daniel gearing up to throw a snowball at Mommy!

Cameron eating his first "snow ball"!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

R.I.P. Isaac ... We miss you buddy!

Yesterday was a very hard day for Bryan and me. We had to put to sleep our dog Isaac. Here is what Bryan wrote about what happened.

Eight years ago Jennifer and I were newly married and looking for a good dog. Jenn's friend at work told her about her brothers girlfriend, and that they had a wonderful dog that they had rescued named “Isaac”. Jennifer made a trip to Pendleton, OR with her friend to meet and pick up “Isaac”. When I arrived home from work that day I came home to a wonderful new friend, my best friend. Since that day “Isaac” has given Jenn and I some wonderful memories, and has been the best dog one could ever hope to have. I’m sorry to say that “Isaac” passed away yesterday as we had to put him to sleep.

Over the years “Isaac” has had a good life, I guess too good because he had put on a little extra weight. About 3 years ago he injured his back leg playing around with our youngest dog “Zoe”. “Isaac” and “Zoe” loved to play together, and during one of their runs through the property “Isaac” injured his back leg. Over the last 3 years he has re-injured the leg several times due to more play with “Zoe”. Several months ago he tore his ACL in his back left knee. Due to his age (10-11 years) I opted not to do surgery. Since then “Isaac” has moved a little slower, but still played hard with “Zoe” at times. Sometimes too hard as he would be sore and very slow afterward. Over the past several months and unknown to us “Isaac” was causing injury to his right leg and lower back, because he was over-compensating for his injured leg. While Jenn and I were at the doctor with our twin boys the dogs were left outside to play. When we returned home Jenn noticed that “Isaac” could not stand up. He whined in pain, so I had to place a towel under his belly to lift and support his back legs. Once in the house he laid in the same spot, and whined in pain when I check on his good leg which was now injured also. Later that evening we struggled to get “Isaac” up and again had to use the towel to support him. We walked him outside and had him go potty. He was able to muster enough strength to go potty. He was very slow, and in much pain as he was using his bad left leg (torn ACL) to support his back end. After a few minutes of him struggling to move I helped him back inside the house with the towel, and had him lay down in the dinning room/kitchen area. He didn’t move all night. Since I couldn’t sleep I checked on him several times that night. When I came out and checked on him at 3am he looked at me with his sad eyes, and I knew it was time. He waged his tail as he was glad to see me, but the look in his eyes told me everything I didn’t want to know. When morning arrived Jenn and I took “Isaac” to his veterinarian and we made the decision to put him to sleep as the doctor agreed it was the best decision and that even surgery could not repair the damage to his back and legs.

Putting “Isaac” to sleep has been the hardest thing I’ve had to do. From the front “Isaac” was still full of life and the same old “Isaac”, but the back end just couldn’t support him anymore. It was so hard because he still had some good years left, but his back and legs failed him early. I never imagined having to put him down because of something like this. However, there is no quality of life in a position such as his, and his pain was too much. We know we made the right decision for him, but it was an unfortunate one.

Jenn and I talked to “Isaac” and petted him as we shared our last moments with him. We gave him praise for being a strong and brave protector for us and our twin boys. He was wonderful around children of all ages and even infants, he played great with other dogs, and was friendly to all people. If he sensed something was wrong he would let us know. He watched over us for years and provided us with great company. He was not just a dog but he was the best dog in the world. “Isaac” was family, and he was one of our kids. He was our first and there will never be another one like him. “Isaac” was the best friend we could have ever asked for.

Attached are a few pictures of “Isaac” laying in his favorite spot, as well as our youngest dog “Zoe”, “Isaac’s” favorite playmate. “Isaac” sat in this spot all the time and watched people and cars go by and always waited for our return home. From this spot “Isaac” kept a watchful eye over our house and provided us with protection. Upon our arrival home he would always greet us with several barks. As much as he appreciated us, we appreciated him more. He will never be forgotten, and he will be missed dearly.