Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm back to school!

Well, cake decorating school that is!  Ha!  My Grandparents signed me up for a cake decorating class, and I'm so excited!  I had my first class last week and learned the basic information.  No decorating at that class, just learning how to do things, the recipe, what we will need, etc....  However, last night was the first class that we actually decorated our cakes!  I had issues with my frosting being too thick when I initially frosted the cake, so I have learned to thin it out.  But the consistency was perfect for frosting.  So we actually practiced, and practiced, and practiced on our practice boards.  Then, we were told, "Ok. Now decorate your cake!"  So I did!  Here is my wonderful work of art! Ha!  I will be practicing like crazy, so I should have many cakes to pass around and you just may get one dropped off at your place of employment or your home!  We shall see!  I brought this one to work with me today and it was devoured in under 15 minutes!  Everyone said it was very good and said I did a great job!  And nobody has become sick yet, so that is a bonus!  Ha!  It was a Cherry Chip cake mix with vanilla pudding in the center, and basic cake frosting! 

And today is Wednesday and I haven't seen my kids since Sunday night!  I can't believe it!  And I am missing them very much right now!  With my in-laws out of town, my parents have been watching the kids every day while Bry and I are at work.  Well, we dropped them off on Sunday night to stay the night (so we don't have to drop them off at 5:30am).  On Monday, my parents said they would keep them again for the night, and Bryan and I ran errands after work, and then hurried home to get the lights up on the house before it got dark out.  Then yesterday, I had my cake class, and my folks said they would keep them overnight again.  Now I assumed I'd be picking up the kids tonight, but they want to keep them overnight again tonight!  So that way they sleep in the next morning.  But since I miss them so much, Bryan and I are going over there for dinner and we'll spend some time with them before we go home!  How weird to not have them at all this week, and even weirder that I haven't seen them since Sunday!  As a bonus, my parents have been WONDERUL about consistently working on the boys potty training!  So maybe this means that they will be potty trained before we bring them home!  (I could only wish!)

Have a good day everyone!  Stay warm out there!  It was 14 degrees outside this morning!  Brrrrrrr!!!!!

My Angel Cake!

Side view of my cake! (not perfectly even)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little visitors!

I know it may be kind of hard to see, but check out a pic of our little visitor we found in our yard this morning!  While Bryan and I were getting ready for work, he went to open the front curtains, and hollered for me to come look at something!  We have decorative deer in the front yard for Christmas, and they had a little friend visiting them!  A very large, white goose!  She was checking them out and was pretty close to them!  We got some pictures at home on the camera, but this was my cell phone pic as we were leaving, and we aimed the head lights at her.  She just looked at us, and went back to checking out the deer!

This comes right after another little visitor we encountered last night, while Bryan was hanging up Christmas lights outside!  He heard rustling in the brush at the abandoned house next door.  He took his flashlight to check it out.  He hollered for me to come look, and it was a HUGE skunk bedding down in the brush and leaves!  Now, if you are from this area and grew up around here, many of you know that the area we live in is called Skunk Hollow.  Well, that would be exactly why!  I have only seen one once, since moving here, but it was at a distance.  This sucker was about 50 feet away.  Hopefully he stays that far away! 

And here are a few pics that my folks sent me of the boys at their house! Enjoy and have a good day!

Daniel popping his head out of the awesome fort!!!

Snack time in the Awesome fort with flashlights and lanterns!

Well, who needs a bed when you got comfy stairs to sleep on!

 Grammy was all tuckered out, so she took a nap on the couch with her
two favorite Grandsons!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Multiples & More - Question of the week! Holiday Traditions!

Well, our family tradition started when I was a little girl by my parents! Every Christmas Eve, my sister and I were given a new pair of pajamas that we would wear to bed and wake up on Christmas morning with! And also a new ornament for the Christmas tree! It would have our name on it and the year it was given to us! And it usually tied into something we were into at that time of year.  Like the year we went to Disneyland, we got Disney ornaments.  And the year I started playing the Clarinet in band, I received a Clarinet ornament!  When my sister and I grew up and moved out, my Mom gave us our box of ornaments we received over the years! Then we had them for our tree as adults!  I still have my ornaments and use them on my tree every year!  I love the memories that come back as I hang my old ornaments!

And we have continued the tradition with my boys! Every year, they get a new pair of pajamas and an ornament!  I hope to continue the tradition as they grow up, and then give them their ornaments when they are grown and move out on their own! 

Merry Christmas everyone!