Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm back to school!

Well, cake decorating school that is!  Ha!  My Grandparents signed me up for a cake decorating class, and I'm so excited!  I had my first class last week and learned the basic information.  No decorating at that class, just learning how to do things, the recipe, what we will need, etc....  However, last night was the first class that we actually decorated our cakes!  I had issues with my frosting being too thick when I initially frosted the cake, so I have learned to thin it out.  But the consistency was perfect for frosting.  So we actually practiced, and practiced, and practiced on our practice boards.  Then, we were told, "Ok. Now decorate your cake!"  So I did!  Here is my wonderful work of art! Ha!  I will be practicing like crazy, so I should have many cakes to pass around and you just may get one dropped off at your place of employment or your home!  We shall see!  I brought this one to work with me today and it was devoured in under 15 minutes!  Everyone said it was very good and said I did a great job!  And nobody has become sick yet, so that is a bonus!  Ha!  It was a Cherry Chip cake mix with vanilla pudding in the center, and basic cake frosting! 

And today is Wednesday and I haven't seen my kids since Sunday night!  I can't believe it!  And I am missing them very much right now!  With my in-laws out of town, my parents have been watching the kids every day while Bry and I are at work.  Well, we dropped them off on Sunday night to stay the night (so we don't have to drop them off at 5:30am).  On Monday, my parents said they would keep them again for the night, and Bryan and I ran errands after work, and then hurried home to get the lights up on the house before it got dark out.  Then yesterday, I had my cake class, and my folks said they would keep them overnight again.  Now I assumed I'd be picking up the kids tonight, but they want to keep them overnight again tonight!  So that way they sleep in the next morning.  But since I miss them so much, Bryan and I are going over there for dinner and we'll spend some time with them before we go home!  How weird to not have them at all this week, and even weirder that I haven't seen them since Sunday!  As a bonus, my parents have been WONDERUL about consistently working on the boys potty training!  So maybe this means that they will be potty trained before we bring them home!  (I could only wish!)

Have a good day everyone!  Stay warm out there!  It was 14 degrees outside this morning!  Brrrrrrr!!!!!

My Angel Cake!

Side view of my cake! (not perfectly even)

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