Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little visitors!

I know it may be kind of hard to see, but check out a pic of our little visitor we found in our yard this morning!  While Bryan and I were getting ready for work, he went to open the front curtains, and hollered for me to come look at something!  We have decorative deer in the front yard for Christmas, and they had a little friend visiting them!  A very large, white goose!  She was checking them out and was pretty close to them!  We got some pictures at home on the camera, but this was my cell phone pic as we were leaving, and we aimed the head lights at her.  She just looked at us, and went back to checking out the deer!

This comes right after another little visitor we encountered last night, while Bryan was hanging up Christmas lights outside!  He heard rustling in the brush at the abandoned house next door.  He took his flashlight to check it out.  He hollered for me to come look, and it was a HUGE skunk bedding down in the brush and leaves!  Now, if you are from this area and grew up around here, many of you know that the area we live in is called Skunk Hollow.  Well, that would be exactly why!  I have only seen one once, since moving here, but it was at a distance.  This sucker was about 50 feet away.  Hopefully he stays that far away! 

And here are a few pics that my folks sent me of the boys at their house! Enjoy and have a good day!

Daniel popping his head out of the awesome fort!!!

Snack time in the Awesome fort with flashlights and lanterns!

Well, who needs a bed when you got comfy stairs to sleep on!

 Grammy was all tuckered out, so she took a nap on the couch with her
two favorite Grandsons!

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