Monday, August 24, 2009

Proud parents to 3 year old bouncy twin boys!

That's right! We are the proud parents to 3 year old bouncy twin boys! ;-) We have had a busy couple of days! Friday night was the birthday party for the boys at a local place called J.J. Jump! It is a large building with indoor bouncy houses, bouncy slides, bouncy obstacle course, etc....! We went to a friends party their a few weeks ago and the boys had a blast (as well as the adults)! It is a rough and tumble place and everyone has to be careful, so we only had kids that were over 2 years old. It was fun for the little cousins and friends to play together and fun for us adults as well! Many of us walked away with rug burns and bruises, and some of us adults left with sore backs (including myself)! My train cake was a hit and it survived the drive to the center as long as the air conditioning was aimed at it! Needless to say, I was FREEZING by the time we got there! The boys got their hands on the cake right before we lit the candles and started eating the candies out of the freight cars! Thank you to everyone who came to the party! It was fun and very memorable!

Saturday was a busy day for me! I was working the Mary Kay table at the Wine and Jazz Festival in Vancouver for about 4 hours! I met some great people, enjoyed some wonderful music and got some customer leads! I'm trying to grow my business so that I don't only sell to family and friends! I like bringing in the extra income to help out with bills and I simply love the product and sharing it with people!

Then Sunday was just another LOOOONG day! We had a family get-together at our house with just my parents, Bryan's parents, my grandparents, my Aunt & Uncle, my sister and her boyfriend and close friends that are like grandparents! So it was house-cleaning and cooking Pork Kabobs for dinner! Needless to say, I was running behind and in a very cranky mood. Thankfully, Dottie & Amber pitched in to help with cutting up fruit and making the rice and veggies, while I skewered tons of pork, carrots, peppers and pineapple! It took longer than I expected since I was making so much! I was pooped by the end of the evening! Cameron could care less about opening presents, so it was hard to wrangle him down to open anything. Especially since the first gift he opened was little stars that you put on the ceiling that glow! Thank you Dottie & Frank! Then they each got little digital cameras! Cameron is OBSESSED with taking pictures! We have a little photographer in our midst! He was so cute running around and taking our pictures! Daniel wanted to constantly play with a rubber snake they got. The kind that if you put it in water, it will grow 660x the size it is! Fun! NOT! Thank you to everyone who came to the birthday parties (both of them)! It was a memorable birthday to say the least! OH! And I almost forgot! My parents, my grandparents and Bryan and I went in together and bought the boys a swingset for their birthday! They love it and especially love the teeter-totter (AKA..peeter-totter)! So far they are getting along pretty well playing on it! Daniel loves to stop on the ground and leave Cameron in the air. He laughs and so does Cammy! Then Cammy says "Down brother!" Daniel looks at us and says "Cammy up high!", then he laughs some more! Very, very cute!

Well, that is the update for now! I will do more soon! Have a great day everyone!

Jen ;-)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ode to binkie's!

The Binky Fairy came last night and the boys binkie's are gone (unless we find some hiding around the house)! We actually couldn't find any binkie's last night, so we told the boys that the Binky Fairy must have come today and taken them. We have been telling them that she would come soon and take the binkie's to little babies that need them! Amazingly, they went right to sleep without them last night! And I don't remember hearing them ask for them last night (however, I tend to sleep through a lot)! What a big milestone!!! Especially since the boys use the binkie's as a security when they are upset, cranky or tired. Now Mommy and Daddy have to be strong when the world comes to an end when they realize the binkie's are really gone FOR GOOD!!! Here is a little walk down memory lane of favorite pic's of the boys with their binkie's! Bye-bye binkie's! We will miss you!

Daniel & Cameron - 5 days old

Daniel & Cameron sleeping with Daddy

Cameron sleeping with Auntie Am

Daniel as a little monster for Halloween 2006!

Cammy, Mommy & Daniel!

Cameron & Daniel made their changing pad into
a little chair!

Cameron, Grammy & Daniel!

Daniel & Cameron sleeping in their toddler
bed together! (Love this pic!)

Cameron vacuuming! I hope he will
continue this as he gets older! ;-)

Daniel & Isaac!

Daniel sleeping in the car!

Cameron sleeping in the car!

Choo Choo! Here come the terrible 3's!!

The boys 3rd birthday was Wednesday the 19th! I can't believe my babies are now 3 years old! :-( Time has flown by and they are growing so quickly right before our eyes! We are having a birthday party for them on Friday at a local place called J.J. Jump that has indoor blow-up jumpers and slides! Their little friends will join them while they jump, jump, jump!!! I have planned a train theme for the party and decided to make the birthday cake again this year! So I found a cute train cake on-line and worked for about 6 hours to complete it! Here is the finished product!!! I'm excited that it turned out so nicely and can't wait for the boys and our family and friends to see it!!!

Have a great day everyone!

(proud Mommy to 3 year old twin boys!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday time!!!

Well, lot's to share to catch up on things! We had our family vacation at Long Beach a few weeks ago and we had a blast! The boys actually enjoyed riding on the kiddie rides this year! We tried getting them to run in ocean, but they started screaming and crying and wanted nothing to do with the ocean! They wouldn't take their eyes off of it, for fear it would get them! Our friends, the Hathaway's, came down the same weekend, so we got to spend some time with them and Cole, who is about 2 months older than the boys! They had fun playing in the sand together and chasing the birds on the beach! The weather was decent for us and the company was amazing! We loved spending the time with my parents, my sister Amber & her boyfriend Dustin, my grandparents and the visit from the Hathaway's! Can't wait to do it again next year!

We had a busy weekend going to the "Family reunion" for the Oregon Center for Reproductive Medicine! The fertility clinic that we used to help us get pregnant with the boys, was hosting a reunion at the Oregon Zoo. It was an opportunity to see the Dr.'s and nurses we worked with and tell them thank you! It was amazing to see all the families and the children that are here because of them! Nearly 2,000 family members attended the event, including over 300 infants and more than 600 children (ours included)! It was even more fun for us, because we were joined by two of my friends from school! Deja (Brock) Hubbard and I have been friends since Kindergarten and Jennifer (Conway) Gay and I have been friends since middle school! They both were also patients and we all have babies now because of this clinic! Deja's twins, Ali & Madi are now 4 1/2 and Lilly is almost 2! Jenn's twin girls are 3 months old! Needless to say, we all had our hands full and had a lot of fun together! Deja & I and our familes rode the Max train over together so the kids were able to experience the "train" ride! It was long, but fun! I am attaching pics that were taken by the photographer at the reunion! Thank you to all of the wonderful Dr's and nurses!

Daniel, Bryan, Dr. Hesla, Jen & Cameron

Nik, Ali, Dr. Hesla, Deja, Lilly & Madi Hubbard

Jen, Adison, Dr. Matteri, Jeff & Aubrey Gay
(girls names may be wrong since I'm not sure
who is who!)

We took Cameron to the Physical Therapist on Thursday to look at the fact that he walks on his tip-toes and see if we have a problem. In her opinion, he stands 2 1/2 - 3" of the ground (heel to ground distance) and is up on his toes at least 75% of the time. She doesn't feel that it will go away, except go down slightly as he gets taller and gains weight as he grows. She feels that since he has been walking on his tip-toes since he started walking 2 years ago, it is how he has learned to walk. So he needs to be re-trained. Problems that we see are that he doesn't have a very good arch in either of his feet. Another issue is that since he isn't walking flat like he should, he is over-using his calf muscles, which leads to the under-usage of his knee muscles, which could possibly lead to issues when he gets older. So we have decided to do Physical Therapy weekly for 4-6 weeks and get braces for his feet that will not allow him to be on his toes. It will force him to walk flat on his feet, and hopefully retrain him how to walk correctly. He will wear these at least 3 months and at the maximum of 6 months. We feel it is best to take care of this while he is young, before he is in school, and before it gets too hard to "re-train" him. We'll see if it works!

The boys will be 3 years old tomorrow and I can't believe it! My babies aren't babies anymore! They are big boys! I'll update more tomorrow about how far they have come in 3 years and what they are doing now! This took longer than I expected to type and there is more to share (good and bad). But that will come later. Have a nice evening everyone!