Friday, August 21, 2009

Choo Choo! Here come the terrible 3's!!

The boys 3rd birthday was Wednesday the 19th! I can't believe my babies are now 3 years old! :-( Time has flown by and they are growing so quickly right before our eyes! We are having a birthday party for them on Friday at a local place called J.J. Jump that has indoor blow-up jumpers and slides! Their little friends will join them while they jump, jump, jump!!! I have planned a train theme for the party and decided to make the birthday cake again this year! So I found a cute train cake on-line and worked for about 6 hours to complete it! Here is the finished product!!! I'm excited that it turned out so nicely and can't wait for the boys and our family and friends to see it!!!

Have a great day everyone!

(proud Mommy to 3 year old twin boys!)

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