Monday, August 24, 2009

Proud parents to 3 year old bouncy twin boys!

That's right! We are the proud parents to 3 year old bouncy twin boys! ;-) We have had a busy couple of days! Friday night was the birthday party for the boys at a local place called J.J. Jump! It is a large building with indoor bouncy houses, bouncy slides, bouncy obstacle course, etc....! We went to a friends party their a few weeks ago and the boys had a blast (as well as the adults)! It is a rough and tumble place and everyone has to be careful, so we only had kids that were over 2 years old. It was fun for the little cousins and friends to play together and fun for us adults as well! Many of us walked away with rug burns and bruises, and some of us adults left with sore backs (including myself)! My train cake was a hit and it survived the drive to the center as long as the air conditioning was aimed at it! Needless to say, I was FREEZING by the time we got there! The boys got their hands on the cake right before we lit the candles and started eating the candies out of the freight cars! Thank you to everyone who came to the party! It was fun and very memorable!

Saturday was a busy day for me! I was working the Mary Kay table at the Wine and Jazz Festival in Vancouver for about 4 hours! I met some great people, enjoyed some wonderful music and got some customer leads! I'm trying to grow my business so that I don't only sell to family and friends! I like bringing in the extra income to help out with bills and I simply love the product and sharing it with people!

Then Sunday was just another LOOOONG day! We had a family get-together at our house with just my parents, Bryan's parents, my grandparents, my Aunt & Uncle, my sister and her boyfriend and close friends that are like grandparents! So it was house-cleaning and cooking Pork Kabobs for dinner! Needless to say, I was running behind and in a very cranky mood. Thankfully, Dottie & Amber pitched in to help with cutting up fruit and making the rice and veggies, while I skewered tons of pork, carrots, peppers and pineapple! It took longer than I expected since I was making so much! I was pooped by the end of the evening! Cameron could care less about opening presents, so it was hard to wrangle him down to open anything. Especially since the first gift he opened was little stars that you put on the ceiling that glow! Thank you Dottie & Frank! Then they each got little digital cameras! Cameron is OBSESSED with taking pictures! We have a little photographer in our midst! He was so cute running around and taking our pictures! Daniel wanted to constantly play with a rubber snake they got. The kind that if you put it in water, it will grow 660x the size it is! Fun! NOT! Thank you to everyone who came to the birthday parties (both of them)! It was a memorable birthday to say the least! OH! And I almost forgot! My parents, my grandparents and Bryan and I went in together and bought the boys a swingset for their birthday! They love it and especially love the teeter-totter (AKA..peeter-totter)! So far they are getting along pretty well playing on it! Daniel loves to stop on the ground and leave Cameron in the air. He laughs and so does Cammy! Then Cammy says "Down brother!" Daniel looks at us and says "Cammy up high!", then he laughs some more! Very, very cute!

Well, that is the update for now! I will do more soon! Have a great day everyone!

Jen ;-)

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