Friday, August 21, 2009

Ode to binkie's!

The Binky Fairy came last night and the boys binkie's are gone (unless we find some hiding around the house)! We actually couldn't find any binkie's last night, so we told the boys that the Binky Fairy must have come today and taken them. We have been telling them that she would come soon and take the binkie's to little babies that need them! Amazingly, they went right to sleep without them last night! And I don't remember hearing them ask for them last night (however, I tend to sleep through a lot)! What a big milestone!!! Especially since the boys use the binkie's as a security when they are upset, cranky or tired. Now Mommy and Daddy have to be strong when the world comes to an end when they realize the binkie's are really gone FOR GOOD!!! Here is a little walk down memory lane of favorite pic's of the boys with their binkie's! Bye-bye binkie's! We will miss you!

Daniel & Cameron - 5 days old

Daniel & Cameron sleeping with Daddy

Cameron sleeping with Auntie Am

Daniel as a little monster for Halloween 2006!

Cammy, Mommy & Daniel!

Cameron & Daniel made their changing pad into
a little chair!

Cameron, Grammy & Daniel!

Daniel & Cameron sleeping in their toddler
bed together! (Love this pic!)

Cameron vacuuming! I hope he will
continue this as he gets older! ;-)

Daniel & Isaac!

Daniel sleeping in the car!

Cameron sleeping in the car!

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CFCina said... more binkie's! It's a wonderful thing.

HAPPY 3rd Birthday you two little Relayers you!

Love Charlie!