Sunday, December 6, 2009

Multiples & More - Question of the week! Holiday Traditions!

Well, our family tradition started when I was a little girl by my parents! Every Christmas Eve, my sister and I were given a new pair of pajamas that we would wear to bed and wake up on Christmas morning with! And also a new ornament for the Christmas tree! It would have our name on it and the year it was given to us! And it usually tied into something we were into at that time of year.  Like the year we went to Disneyland, we got Disney ornaments.  And the year I started playing the Clarinet in band, I received a Clarinet ornament!  When my sister and I grew up and moved out, my Mom gave us our box of ornaments we received over the years! Then we had them for our tree as adults!  I still have my ornaments and use them on my tree every year!  I love the memories that come back as I hang my old ornaments!

And we have continued the tradition with my boys! Every year, they get a new pair of pajamas and an ornament!  I hope to continue the tradition as they grow up, and then give them their ornaments when they are grown and move out on their own! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Amanda said...

My husbands family does the PJ gift on Christmas Eve as well, I started it with our kids, I thought it was cute! Thanks for playing along!