Sunday, December 21, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Well, it is pretty snowy here and the title for this blog entry pretty much says it all! The first picture below is our front yard about 2 days ago. We had non-stop snow all day yesterday and there is more snow on the ground! Bryan went out last night and measured the top of the car and we have 4 3/4 inches. And freezing rain came down last night, so it is icy out there! Bryan didn't go to work today because he can't chase down dogs in this weather! So we will bake and frost cookies, do laundry, hang and and enjoy staying warm in our house!

This is the first year that the boys actually "played" in the snow! Last year we took them to an area that had lot's of snow and they stood in it and screamed! This year was completely different and so much fun! They LOVED playing in the snow and if I asked them if they were ready to go inside, they would say "No Mommy!". Daniel enjoyed piling snow on the patio for Zoe' to eat and he kept filling their outside water dish with snow. Cameron grabbed the broom out of the garage and kept sweeping the snow! They tried eating snow and kept saying "Yummy"! They ran and ran and ran all over the yard and kept throwing snowballs and Mommy and Daddy! They also helped Daddy build a snowman! It is the first one Daddy has made in many, many years, but he did a pretty good job! It fell over the first night and he had to go fix it the next day! It is close to the road waving at drivers that go by!

We hope you are enjoying your warm house as well, if you are stuck in this ice and snow like us! And if you dare to venture out, be careful!!! Enjoy the fun photos below!


Our front yard and the road.

Daddy and the boys building a snowman!

Frosty the snowman!

Daniel piling snow up for Zoe' to eat!

Cameron enjoying the falling snow!

Daniel gearing up to throw a snowball at Mommy!

Cameron eating his first "snow ball"!

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Tina said...

Love the pictures of the boys! They look so cute! Stay warm and safe!