Sunday, January 4, 2009

Musicians in the making!

Thank you very much to cousin Kelly for the best musical gifts ever! I thought it was noisy in the house before, but I ain't seen nothing yet! We had our yearly family get-together with my mom's cousin's and all of their families. The kids do a gift exchange each year and they draw names to each buy for one of the other kids! Cousin Kelly from Seattle brought Cameron a set of drums, a tamborine, some movies, and she bought them each a recorder! It was really loud in the house last night, but the boys had so much fun! Cameron caught on really quickly to hitting the bass by pressing on the foot peddle and he kept hitting the other drums like a pro! Daniel did well too and they both had fun! Thank you Kelly! Oh, and like I said last backs when you have kids! :-)

Jen (with earplugs in)

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