Thursday, June 11, 2009


Cameron has this new obsession with a mini Care Bear that he calls his "baby"! He wants to take it everywhere with him and gets very upset if he doesn't have it! He rocks it like a baby and covers it up like a baby!

So last night, we realized that he left his "baby" at my parents house and he got very upset and started screaming for his "baby"! So I called Bryan and asked if he would be driving in my parents neighborhood and if he could pick up "baby" and bring it home. This was 8:00pm and he was just sitting down to eat his dinner at the station. He said he would leave in a few minutes and pick it up. I told Cameron that Daddy would be bringing "baby" home soon and to watch for him out the window. Let's say, he was glued to the window watching for Daddy. So about 20 minutes later, Daddy pulled into the driveway and came walking up with "baby" behind his back! He showed it to Cammy and he grabbed it and went running into the house! I told him to say thank you and give Daddy a hug, and he RAN to Daddy saying thank you and giving him a huge hug! What a good Daddy to drop his dinner and get Cammy his "baby"!

The boys spent the night at my parents house on Tuesday night because they were planning on taking the boys to the Bonneville Fish Hatchery on Wednesday! They had tons of fun and luckily the weather cleared up for them! The boys got to visit Herman the Sturgeon who is approximately 11 feet long, 500 pounds and 70 years old! See the link below for pics of him! They got to feed fishies and had lot's of fun! I'll add pics once I get them from my parents!

Grammy & Papa - Thanks for taking the boys on a little field trip and for keeping them overnight! Glad they slept well for you!

Daniel is quite the little chatter box and loves to tell us stories and talk on the phone! He reminds me of my sister and my mom said he is like my sister was at that age! He is also a good tattle-tale! Don't do anything around him, because he'll talk about it later to everyone!

Well, that is a quick update on the boys. I'll update more later! Lot's of other stuff going on with us, but not enough time to post now! I've been writing this while at work and on the phone with customers. Hope you are all doing well!

Jen ;-)

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