Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finally asleep and life's a beach...in 16 days!

Well, it is 9:39PM and it is finally quiet in the boys room! They didn't take their nap today, which usually means early to bed! So I was rocking my tired little men in the living room about 7:45 and Daniel zonks out fast! Cameron is starting to close his eyes, so I have him walk to their room and carry Daniel to bed. Easy right? I wish! Daniel didn't blink an eye as I changed his diaper really quickly and Cammy asked to go potty. So he went potty, got a new diaper and climbed into bed. So he went to sleep, right? Yeah right! It is quiet for a few minutes, then the fun begins! Climbing out of bed and trying to leave the room, "Mommy....binki!", "I want a kiss!", getting out of bed again, talking to brother (who is sleeping), chatting to himself and his stuffed animals, trying to leave the room AGAIN!!!! I think I went in there 30 times to put him back to bed. I tried to bring him in the living room to rock again in the hopes he would go to sleep, but that didn't work! He wanted to PLAY! So back to bed he went! Then he got mad and started stuffing his binkis behind the bed so they fell to the floor and I couldn't get them! I'd get him a new binki and 5 minutes later I would hear "I want my binki!" and he stuffed it behind his bed again! So we have 1 binki left (from our stockpile) and I offer it to him. "NO BINKI!" So fine, I set it on his bed! He picks it up and chucks it across the room! So I pick it up and leave the room with the binki. What do I hear next...."MOMMY I WANT MY BINKI!!!" I ignore it for a few minutes, then I hear that he wakes up Daniel! So I attempt to get Daniel back to sleep and give Cameron the last binki just to get him to quiet down and go to sleep. He won't take it. I try one last time and he shoves it away. So I turn around and leave. "MOMMY I WANT MY BINKI!" I offer it to him one last time (yes I know I said that already) and he refuses! So I leave the room. "MOMMY I WANT MY BINKI!" I continued to leave the room and he continued to scream. So to make a long story.....well, not as long since I've already written half a book..... he finally took the binki (yes I caved, but I wanted Daniel to stay asleep). So he is finally asleep! Now I can head to bed, once I've finished typing this!

As you can see, there is a new background! We are heading to Long Beach on 23rd for 3 nights with my parents, grandparents and my sister and her boyfriend Dustin! We did this last year and stayed at a campground I grew up going to and we had a blast! They have a pool, a playground, and are just over the dunes from the ocean! I'm hoping and praying for nice weather, since it was overcast last year when we were there. I know we could use a good vacation and get away from the every day stresses of work and bills and everything else.

Well, it took me almost as long to write this blog post as it took to get Monkey #2 to go to sleep, so I should go to sleep too! Plus Bry should be home in a few from work. Just in time for me to go to sleep! Sleep tight everyone!


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CFCina said...

love the update and new background!!!! ;-)