Thursday, June 24, 2010

Firsts, Father's Day and fishies! Or is it fishy's? Hmmmm....

Daniel & Cameron eating their first cotton candy at Camtown Youth Festival!!  We enjoyed bouncy houses, clowns, magician's, the park & hot weather!  Took along Grammy & Auntie Am for the fun!

Cammy & Daniel patiently waiting to go on the bouncy obstacle course!  Actually, they pretty much just bounced here at the entrance until they were given the ok to go! ;-)

Daddy's Father's Day gift from the boys!  A Treasure Box that has been lovingly decorated by the boys!  AKA: A shoe box that has had paper taped all around it to cover it up!  They made one for each of the Grandpa's as well!

Here is the inside of the Treasure Box!  Notice all the animal stickers since Daddy is the Animal Control Officer and he takes care of animals!  And since Daddy was working on Father's Day, we had him come home for breakfast and made him waffles!  He was given his cards at that time!  Then we had him come home for lunch!  I asked the boys what they wanted to make him for lunch and they said pizza! Unfortunately, we didn't have any!  So I asked again!  Daniel wanted to make grilled cheese sandwich and Cammy wanted to make chicken nuggets & fries.  So we made both!  So Daddy got grilled cheese, chicken nuggets & fries for lunch!  And that is when they gave him his treasure box!  It was a good Father's Day!

Here is part of the boys "Learning Corner"! As you can tell, it is going to SNOW tomorrow!  Actually, the boys guess that it is "Tomorrow it is going to Snow" every day!  Poor guys!  They don't realize that they live in the Northwest!

OK! Don't laugh at my pink sink! Yes, it has a matching pink toilet & matching pink bathtub!  But the bathtub is old, so you can take a hot bath for an hour without refilling the tub! ;-)  I recently added the cute little wall decor of ocean fish to continue with the "fishy/ocean" theme!  Next to the fish tank is a jar full of sea shells & rocks we have collected at the beach.

And here are the other other wall decor above the pink bathtub!  Compliments of the Dollar Store!

And I had the boys help make their lunches the other day!  Daniel loves jam sandwiches!  We got a little sticky, but they did a great job!  Such big boys!

And here is Cammy making his peanut butter sandwich!  That is his favorite!

And the finished product!  See Daniel's "cheese grin"? What a goofball!

Hope you enjoyed the quick pics!  
Love, Jen

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Yvonne said...

That's a cute idea you guys did for Father's Day. :) Your boys are getting so big; its so amazing how quickly time flies.