Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a very, very, very sick house!

This last week has not been fun in the Caine household!  Monday evening Bryan started feeling all stuffy & achy and had a sore throat.  It got worse on Tuesday and he ended up with a nasty fever and the chills.  He was off work Tue, Wed & Saturday (he is normally off Thur/Fri).  Meanwhile, I wound up with a nasty stomach bug Tuesday afternoon and was home sick Wed/Thur/Fri!  And on Wednesday morning, Daniel woke up with a nasty hacking cough and was feeling icky and then on Friday night he started complaining that his ear hurt.  Cameron was feeling fine the whole time! 

But then on Saturday, Cameron woke up with the nasty cough!  I took the kids and the hubby to Urgent Care and Daniel ended up having an ear infection, and Bryan's had lasted so long that he was put on antibiotics and cough medicine.  Sunday started out better with Daniel feeling a bit better, but still coughing.  Bryan returned to work, but was exhausted by the time he got home.  And Sunday afternoon around 4:30, Cameron started complaining of being cold and he had the chills!  I took his temp and it was 103.3!  So more Motrin and a shower with mommy to help bring down his temp, and have the steam help with his cough.  I kept giving him the Motrin through the night to keep his temp down and Bryan said he seemed a bit better this morning. 

I, on the other hand, woke up this morning with a sore throat and what felt like swollen tonsils!  I was really hoping to not get sick, so I am going to try and rest more later and keep this bug at bay as best as I can! I have a cake to do this week for my baby sister, Amber!  She will be turning 28 years old (not really a baby anymore)!  I have candy flowers to make tonight!  And I also need to start working on my fondant roses for an anniversary cake I am making for May 22nd!  It will be the largest cake I have made so far!  3 layers and probably 100-200 roses!  I can't wait to see how it turns out!  It is for our dear friends 50th anniversary, Dottie & Frank Knighton!  They are like another set of grandparents to us and a part of our family! 

Well, I hope that this finds all of you doing well and hoping your house is not a very, very, very sick house! 


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