Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Picture update!!!

I just realized that I have not updated pics on here in a while!  And I also realized that I didn't mention our little family trip to the beach at the end of January!  Just me and Bryan and the boys headed to Newport for 1 night.  We were able to enjoy our last weekend with Bryan off, before he returned to his Animal Control job that has him working weekends.  It was a stressful trip with cranky kids that left their listening ears at home, unfortunately.  But we did have some fun times as well!  Here are some pics from that weekend!

We have also been doing some "learning" at home together!  I had some art projects for the boys to do!  One of them was beaded pirate necklaces!  Here are pics of them with their necklaces!

The boys also LOVE to help me cook or bake in the kitchen!  So I decided the other day, to have them help make their sandwiches for lunch!  Daniel love jelly sandwiches, and Cameron loves chunky peanut butter sandwiches!  They did a great job and didn't make too much of a mess!  Such big boys! Oh, and Daniel invented "grape on a pretzel stick", for an extra special snack!  Too funny!

And our little Daniel man is quite the little organizer!  He always has been and gets very frustrated when things are out of order.  Which Cameron seems to enjoy knocking over or messing up anything Daniel gets in his perfect order!  So I caught Daniel lining up his dinosaurs, and then realized he actually has them lined up by the type they are!  They have many of the same species of dinosaur, and he had them organized by species!  Such a smart little boy!  A little too smart sometimes as well!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this picture update!  Sorry it has been so long, but I am trying to do better!  Enjoy your day everyone!

Jen ;-)

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