Friday, July 16, 2010

Craft time - Crazy Caine style!

Michael's has become my ULTIMATE FAVORITE store to shop at lately!  For two reasons!

Reason #1 - that is where I buy all my cake decorating supplies!  40% and 50% off coupons are a MUST and help out a lot!

Reason #2 - They have the BEST craft ideas and supplies at AWESOME prices for the kids!  I think that craft time is very important for the boys and I buy little craft things for them in their dollar bins ALL the time!  Some of our favorite crafts are usually Mother's Day, Father's Day and birthday gifts for the grandparents and Mommy & Daddy!  We have done ceramic mugs that can be colored on, t-shirts with hand prints on them, little wooden picture frames (with magnets) that are colored on with markers!  And recently, I have started buying dinosaurs, dragons, alligators, scorpions, trains, planes, birdhouses, etc... that are little wooden items that come with paint kits!  Most are $0.48 - $3.00 each and they come with the brush and the paints!

I have a wonderful craft room/play room in our shop (fully insulated, has windows, heaters & carpeting) and I enjoy taking the boys out their for play time while I do crafts, or have them do crafts!  Our fist paint time was over the weekend and the boys did a wonderful job!  They were both so very careful and meticulous in how they painted!  Daniel had the dinosaur and Cammy had the dragon!  My favorite part was when they decided to trade and help each other finish painting!  I came over a bit later and said I was so proud of how they were doing!  Daniel says, "Yes Cammy! I am so proud of you! You are doing a nice job with my dinosaur!".  Too funny!  So here are the pics from our painting day!  Oh, and while they were doing their painting, I was working on cutting material and making quilt block squares for new curtains in my dining room!  So it was a craft day for us!  Have a great day everyone!

Daniel & Cameron starting to paint!  Clean table so far!

Cammy with his dragon!

Daniel with his dinosaur!  His favorite color is green, so he started using that first!

Cammy concentrating on his dragon!  Notice below how he has his tongue stuck out! ;-)

Daniel painting the tail and holding the head so carefully!

Time to work on the feet!

All done!  Not too messy & very, very cute!

And my craft project!  My quilt block chicken curtains!  

Have a good day everyone!
Jen ;-)


Yvonne said...

How cool is that! What a great painting idea. :) Fun stuff. And your boys are getting so big!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

So fun! I bought Damen four little wooden figures and he refused to paint them, he liked them better in the buff! I should look harder for something he'd like to do, thanks for the update!