Saturday, February 25, 2012

It has been too long!

Well, I know it is crazy that I haven't updated this thing in about 1 1/2 years now! I guess working, having a home and family, volunteering, and life just got in the way! A lot has happened in the last 1 1/2 years! The boys are now 5 1/2 years old and in their 2nd year of preschool! They could have started Kindergarten last fall, but we decided to have them wait until they are just barely 6. They will start in September and I am so excited for this next step in their lives!

Cameron is turning into a little man who still LOVES trains! Actually, him and Daniel have talked about building a train station here and one of them will be a train engineer and the other a conductor! I could only hope and pray that they find something that they love to do when they are grown up! Cameron has such a big heart and thinks so much about other people and worries about how they are feeling. He is finally completely potty-trained all of the time, including at night! He has been since about their 5th birthday! It is so nice to have 2 completely potty-trained, no accidents, little boys! No more diapers and pull-ups ever again in this house! YAY! Cameron loves to sing, and loves to play with his friends at school! Both boys can write their names and are again learning Spanish at school! It is so cute to hear them start singing spanish songs they have learned! Daniel has turned into a little Lego man and LOVES to "pretend play" by building areas for his lego men to play in. I enjoy seeing the creativeness and stories he comes up with! He has his Mommy's stubbornness and also thinks he is right about everything! I have apologized to my Mom many times for the stress I caused her by being such a know-it-all! Daniel loves to draw and be creative! He always has a story to go with his picture! He also has a very kind heart and thinks about others. Both boys are very kind and thoughtful and I am thankful that they are actually sweet boys. I wish they were sweet all the time, but we of course have our stressful times, as do most parents! I still wouldn't trade any of it!

Last year was a tough year for us. Especially for me. I was diagnosed in July 2011 with Stage 2 Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I had a lump in my neck and went in to have it checked. After biopsy's and scans, I received my diagnosis. It was very scary and I went through 2 months of chemo and 17 days of radiation. But I was lucky. I was surrounded by so much help from friends and family and received so many prayers. I found out how blessed and loved I am and am thankful to be alive and with my husband and my boys. I don't take my life for granted and I thank the Lord every day for another day on this earth! All my treatments are done and I am just dealing with residual issues and growing back my hair! I will continued to be monitored for the next 5 years to make sure that the cancer does not return.

During my treatments, Bryan and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary! I celebrated my 33rd birthday! And the boys turned 5 years old! I am just happy to celebrate more milestones!

So today I took the boys to see a movie with my mom and sister! It was "Journey to Mysterious Island 2" and it was really good! Their eyes were glued to the screen the entire time and it was entertaining for us adults as well! I recommend it as a great family film! Bryan just got home from work a little bit ago and promptly took the kids outside to play for a little bit! I'm thankful for the quiet time to type this and for the energy they will burn while out there! I have definitely found that they have been more restless during this winter and being cooped up in the house. I thought it would be too cold out at first because we had snow today! Yes, it is almost March and we had snow! It didn't stick, but it was sure pretty for a while earlier! Well, Daniel has come in and announced that he saw white poop! Not sure if it is a kid thing or a boy thing, but I've been hearing a lot about poop lately!

I hope to continue this blog again more regularly! Thanks for checking in on this Crazy Caine family! I hope that you are all doing well and living your life to the fullest!

Love and hugs from our house to yours!

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