Monday, November 10, 2008

First blog post about the Caine Family - 11/10/08

Hello friends and family! I haven't been the greatest lately at updating the website, so I'm hoping that I can get into a habit of posting on this blog daily (or almost daily), with our daily happenings of our family! I still plan on posting pictures on the other website, and a few here as well. Here I go!

So the boys are almost 27 months old (they will be on the 19th) and I still smile just writing about them, talking about them, thinking about them and sharing about them with you! They are my pride and joy (not sure which is which), but I couldn't be happier or more honored that I was chosen to be their mommy! Even though we are going through the "terrible two's" right now, I still can't wait to get off work and come home to see them! Even though most evenings consist of one getting hurt, one stealing the other one's toys (usually Cameron), one ending up in time out or one not eating their dinner because they want to play with choo-choo's (that would be Daniel), I still am happy to say at the end of the day, "Those are my boys!".

Tonight was an easy night in one sense. My in-laws watch the boys on Mondays between the time Bryan goes to work and I get off work. And on many Mondays, they keep the boys until later in the evening. So I get to come home and do stuff in a quiet, empty house! So tonight I had the house to myself until about 8:00pm and I paid bills, made a few phone calls, ate dinner and worked on cutting material for a quilt I'm making. Then the boys came home and I got them ready for bed. It wasn't until almost 9:00pm that Cameron was finally asleep. He has recently started asking for a hug as I tuck him in, and then refuses to hug me! The little stinker! So after a few minutes of the "hug" game (as I now call it), I said goodnight and left the room. Well, needless to say, he started screaming, "HUG!!!!!!" over and over again. I waited about 5 minutes or so and he was still going at it! So I went in and calmed him down. Gave him a hug and then tried to lay him back down. He seemed fine, until I had the door almost closed....."HUG, HUG, HUG!" I closed the door and walked away (and it breaks my heart to do that)! He screamed again for almost 10 minutes and then he started trying to open the door. So I went back in and calmed him down. He clung to me like glue. I think he just wanted mommy! So I closed the door and sat on the bed and rocked him for about 10 minutes. Daniel was in his bed snoring away! I finally got him calmed down and almost asleep and layed him down. I quietly snuck out of his room, and he finally fell asleep! That only took an hour! I'm pooped!

As many of you already know, I turned the "wonderful" 3-0 on November 1st! Woohoo! My wonderful husband and my mom had a surprise party for me last weekend at Pizza Palance and I was totally surprised! Bryan took me shopping a few days before my birthday and we went to Best Buy! I originally went looking for a radio that can be mounted under the kitchen cabinets, but they didn't have one. So instead, I found one of those cool digital picture frames! I brought it home, loaded almost 200 pictures on it and took it to work to put on my desk! I set it for random mode, so I have pictures rotating all day at my desk of my hubby and my boys! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! If I'm on hold with a customer that is bugging me, I just turn and look at the picture on the frame and smile! I love looking at pictures of my family, however, it makes me want to go home so much quicker! Thank you honey for the most wonderful gift ever!

Well, I think that is enough for the first blog for the Caine Family! Hopefully the future ones won't be as long, but hopefully they will be often!

Sweet dreams! Sleep tight! Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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CFCina said...

YAHOO Jen!! I'll keep ya on the daily bloggin' track...remember, I've got my eyes on your blog!

Happy b-day again!!! Oh to be 30 again!! ;-)