Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Carnival, Bubbles & Bed Time....Oh My!

Friday and Saturday night was the Turkey Carnival at the Fire Department my dad works at! It raises funds for the volunteer firefighter program and is usually a packed house every year! This is the 3rd year that the boys have attended and they were not as easy to manage now that they don't want to sit still very long! Amber's boyfriend Dustin came for the first time and Amber won a Turkey! My Dad won a Turkey too! Bryan and I brought home a "mercy" Turkey! We ran into some old friends on Saturday night and as they were leaving, they had two Turkey's! They gave us one, since we hadn't won anything and we were about to leave! Thanks Dan & Layle!

Papa & Daniel

Papa & Cameron

Dustin, Cameron, Sparky, Daniel & Grammy

Dustin & Cameron playing Bingo

Grammy, Daniel, Cameron, Auntie Am & Dustin!

Cammy & Auntie Am!

The boys have this bubble machine at home that they LOVE!!! Especially Cameron. So I caught this wonderful picture of them laying on their backs and giggling as the bubbles fell on them!

And I thought I would take pictures of the boys getting ready for bed tonight! They looked so cute trying to brush their hair & getting their teeth brushed! Enjoy!

Daniel brushing his hair!

Daddy brushing Cammy's teeth

Daddy brushing Daniel's teeth while Cameron brushes his hair!

Mommy reading a book to her baby boys!

Daddy & Cammy being funny!

Daddy & his boys!

And a few last pictures for the evening! Bryan's Grandma Rita passed away a few months ago. She used to make slippers all the time and we never got the chance to have her make slippers for the boys. My Grandma got the pattern that Grandma Rita used and figured out how to make the same kind of slippers. And she made some for the boys! I'm going to have her teach me, so that I can continue the tradition of making slippers. Here are the pics of the slippers she made. I'm also including my favorite picture of Grandma Rita with Grandma Teri and the boys. Have a nice evening everyone!

The slippers

Cameron wearing his slippers!

Daniel wearing his slippers!

Grandma Rita, Cameron, Grandma Teri & Daniel

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