Saturday, November 15, 2008

Relay University!!!

It was Relay University today in Portland and we had close to 300 participants attend! I had 16 attend from my Committee and my East Clark County Relay! For those of you that don't already know (however, I'm sure you already do), I am a volunteer with the American Cancer Society and this is my 7th year volunteering for our local Relay For Life event! We recruit teams throughout the year and hold a 24 hour event in May! Last year, we raised over $140,000!!! This year, our goal is $162,009!!! Relay University today was training for our Committee members and I think they all came away energized and excited about this year!!!

So while I was away for the day at Relay U, the boys were with Grandma T & BudPa! They actually spent the night last night since Bryan and I both had to be up early this morning. They actually didn't bring them home until about 6:30 tonight. And they bought them new shoes! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!! Unfortunately, they were little stinkers for the next 2 hours, before they went to bed. At least most of the time! So now it is 9:32pm and they are (hopefully) zonked in their bedroom. It's been quiet for about 10 minutes now!

Have a great night and talk to you later!


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