Friday, March 27, 2009

Cameron's ears!

Cameron had his tubes put in his ears on Tuesday! He did a great job and was a very good boy! There were many other kids there for similar procedures, and some were running away from their parents, screaming and crying, weren't co-operative, etc.... Not Cameron! However, we had to be there at 6:30am and the surgery was scheduled for about 8:00. He sat quietly on our laps in the waiting room. He let us put the flannel pants and top on him in the pre-op room (which was pink and covered in lot's of animals)! He sat still when the nurses checked his heart rate and listened to his chest, etc... He quietly played on the bed and was just overall, a very, very good boy!

We had talked about him being taken to the back by the nice nurses so the Dr. could fix his ears! The anesthesiologist gave him a strawberry scented gas mask to hold an play with right before they took him back! He loved that thing! When it was time for them to take him back, we had him sit on the bed and "go for a ride"! He hardly paid any attention to us as they took him away! We couldn't help but laugh!

We waited in the waiting room for about 20 minutes and then the Dr. came out and told us that he did great and the surgery was over! He was in recovery and they would come get us in about 5 minutes!

Then we were taken back and he was being rocked by a nurse and he was still very groggy. I took him immediately into my arms and held him close. He seemed very confused and kept moving his blankie around in his hands. We tried to get him to drink some juice and have some applesauce, but he would take much at all. After a few minutes, he put his head on my chest and zonked out! We just sat there and I rubbed his back for about 15-20 minutes. Then we tried to wake him up and change him back into his clothes. The poor thing was like a ragdoll! He was just flopping his head and body down on my lap! He was sooooooo tired! Eventually, we got him to wake up and drink a bit more juice. Then we loaded him up and went to the pharmacy to get his eardrops. He was back to his normal, rambunctious, getting-into-trouble self!!!

He seems to be doing well and I think he is talking more. However, he HATES, the eardrops. He literally screams when we have to put them in his ears. I feel really bad having to do it.

Well, that is the update! Just wanted to let you all know!

Jen ;-)

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