Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's house!

Our bowling event went great! We filled the alley's and even had to turn people away at the door! We ended up making $230!!!! WOOOHOO!!!!! We had tons of fun! Bryan and I bowled 3 games, however, his shoulder and arm are bothering him quite a bit today. Guess he's just getting old since he is 31 now! Thank you to those of you that came! Hope you had fun!

Grandma Teri emailed some recent pics of the boys at their house and I thought you would enjoy seeing them! Have a great day!

They are still too young for coffee, but Cameron took the coffee canister off the counter and poured it on the floor! Grandma had to get a picture and then they got to help clean up the mess!

Getting into Grandpa Bud's lunchbox!

"We aren't supposed to be on the coffee table, but we are too cute!
How can you tell us no!"

Reading our Thomas books on the coffee table!

Trying on Grandma T's glasses!

Reading Thomas with Grandpa Bud!

I love this picture! Daniel has been doing this lately and holding his hand under our chins! Very cute!

Cameron is playing under the stool
with one of Bryan's train's from when
he was a kid! (I LOVE this pic of him!)

Walking with Grandpa Bud to the mailbox!

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CFCina said...

Glad bowling went well...We had a little cranky-CHarlie moment, so didn't make it.

Love the photos of the boys! ;-)