Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting into the fridge = Time Out!

Question of the night...How do you discipline with your kids?  Especially stubborn little ones that don't listen and continue to do wrong things over and over again?

Yes, Cameron always seems to find something new to get into, climb on, take off the counter and simply, gets into trouble!  Lately, he thinks he should get into the fridge and take things out!  It does not matter what we do, he keeps doing it!  So tonight, he got into the fridge 3 different times!  First time, he took the juice out and set it on the floor!  We have one of those cool Pampered Chef pitchers that has this thing you spin and pull up and down to make the juice fresh and stir it up.  He was doing that while sitting on the floor!  So Cameron had a date with the timeout rug!  Which in turn means, he must fling himself on the floor and scream like it is the end of the world!  A few minutes later, it is time to get out of time-out.  If any of you watch Super Nanny, we use her timeout method.  Ask "What did you do wrong?".  Which can then lead to us being ignored or answered.  Then we talk about it a moment and remind them what they did wrong.  Then they need to say sorry and give us a hug.

So the 2nd time in the fridge, he got the grapes out and started eating them.  Problem was, he didn't pull all the stems out, so I'm not sure how many stems he ate before I caught him!  So back to time out again!  Then the 3rd time was the doozy!  His most recent "favorite" thing he pulled out of the fridge was the carton of eggs!!!  And so far, he hasn't broke any of them.  Well, not this time!  This time, he broke 2 eggs in the living room!  Well, that meant it was time to go back to time out AGAIN!!!  And then, it meant it was time for bed!  Which could not come soon enough tonight! 

On top of our time out moments this evening, Mommy had an oopsie moment earlier today!  I thought the boys dentist appointments were today at 3:00.  So I got off work early and met my Mom and the boys at the dentist.  They are major handfuls at the dentist, and Bryan was working, so my Mom came along.  She had to wake the boys up from their nap to get them there on time.  So they were a bit cranky already.  We get into the dentist, and the boys start playing and watching this train that goes around the room up by the ceiling.  I go up to check in and find out that the appointment is in 2 weeks on Thursday the 29th!  OOPS!!!  Well, the boys were having TOO much fun and it was hard to get them to leave.  Daniel eventually was ready to go, but Cameron just SCREAMED and ran in circles in the waiting area because he didn't want to leave!  I eventually caught him and carried him to the car.  Needless to say, Mommy's oopsie, turned into meltdown's.  Sorry boys! 

Well, I think the boys are finally asleep now, which means I can get ready for bed. I am exhausted!  Sleep tight all!


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