Sunday, October 11, 2009

My kids have Cooties!!!

Cooties? Don't boys get cooties from girls? Ewwww! Well, my boys got cooties out of a box! Remember that game when we were kids? I do! So, I won this huge tub of games last Christmas and put back games that the kids were too little for! I found the Cooties game in the closet and figured the boys were old enough to play with it now! So they did! And they had fun putting the legs on them and the funny eyes and ears! Here are a few pics of them with their Cooties!

Daniel with his Cootie!

Cameron with his Cooties!

And on Saturday, we headed out to finish cleaning up the front yard from our Maple Tree that came down. We still had some wood to cut up and haul and a ton of dirt and sawdust that needed to be raked and leveled out. So the boys helped us a bit by playing in the dirt and helped haul wood! I hope they continue to do this as they get older! We also needed to put together a new mailbox since the downed tree took out our other one! So the boys pitched in and helped! Love the pic of my 3 boys using their screwdrivers! It was a windy day outside, so we were all bundled up! But we had so much fun!

Today we are going to the Pumpkin Patch, so I'll have more pics of that later! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Daniel playing in the dirt!

Daniel helping Daddy in the yard!

Cameron making a mess on the front porch by
playing in Mommy's flower bed!

Daddy using his ax (and his muscles) to chop
up wood!

Daddy using his chainsaw to cut up the large wood!

The boys sitting on the front porch
watching Daddy use the chainsaw!
(Love this pic!)

My 3 boys using screwdrivers to put the
mailbox together!

Daniel showing me his screwdriver!

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