Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Cameron in the hay bale maze!

Cameron jumping through the large tire in the hay bale maze!

Cameron & Daniel on the hay bale pyramid!

Cameron sitting so cute on the hay bale pyramid!

Daniel climbing on the hay bale pyramid! He is more daring than Cammy!

Feeding the goats! Auntie Am got food to feed them!

 Petting the pretty and soft white bunny!
 Cammy feeding the goats!
 Daniel riding a pony for the first time!
 Cameron riding a pony for the first time!
 Family photo! Yes, this was the best we could get! They just
don't sit still!  Couple of little wiggle worms!
Cameron found a pumpkin! Such a cute face! 

Daniel kept picking out the green pumpkins!
Sorry buddy! Try finding a different one!
 Daniel finally found the perfect pumpkin!
Actually, Daddy found it and Daniel said,
"Oh! That's a cute pumpkin! It's MY pumpkin!"
 Daniel and Cameron sitting on OUR pumpkins while they
held THEIR pumpkins!
 Say Cheese!  It was very hard to get 1 good family pic
this year!  Daddy closed his eyes for this one! Silly Daddy!
Finally a good one of Daddy and Daniel is saying "CHEESE!"
 As everyone came up the hill, I turned around and told
everyone to look! I love this pic, but need to photo shop
myself into it!
(Papa Larry, Dustin, Auntie Am, Daddy, Cammy, Grammy & Daniel)
 Daddy & Mommy (AKA: Bryan & Jen)
 Another funny pic while the kids say "Cheese"!
And Grammy too!

Daddy & Daniel scrubbing the pumpkins clean!

Cammy & Daniel with their pumpkins!

So these are the pics from the pumpkin patch!  We had tons of fun and I can't believe how big the boys are getting each year!  They did so much more this year and were able to climb up into the wagon like big boys!  My parents and my sister and her boyfriend all came, even though Amber wasn't feeling very well.  Cameron actually climbed higher this year on the hay bale pyramid than every before!  Daniel has never had a problem climbing to the top.  And Cammy actually crawled into one of the tunnels in the pyramid!  We couldn't find him at first or find which exit he was going to come out of!  I didn't care for that much and was being a worry-wart Mommy!  But he made it out just fine!

Then we went over to the hay bale maze and the boys just ran like crazy through it and through the tunnel as well!  They didn't care for the tunnel last year!  We just kind of held back and let 'em run this year since they are a little older and not as fearful.  Such big boys!

Then off to the petting zoo to pet and see the goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, pigs, turkey's, cows and donkey!  Auntie Am got food for the boys to feed the goats and that was lot's of fun of course!

Then it was time to hop on the hay ride out to the Pumpkin Patch!  Last year, it had recently rained, so the ground was very muddy.  Not this year!  It had been dry, so the dirt was kicked up like crazy on the ride and we had to cover our faces!  The boys tried to run through the pumpkin patch, but the boots we had them wear were a little big, plus they kept tripping over all the pumpkin vines!  Daniel kept picking up the green pumpkins or pumpkins still attached to the vines!  Silly little boy!  Eventually, Daddy found a little pumpkin and showed it to Daniel.  He said, "OH! That is a cute pumpkin! That's my pumpkin!"  They kept gathering little pumpkins and piling them up.  It was very cute!

Then we took our ride back with our pumpkins and Daddy had the boys help him clean the pumkins!  They were enjoying themselves and having lots of fun!  Then we got in line for the boys to ride on the pony's!  They have never ridden on a horse before, so this was a totally new experience!  They looked so cute and enjoyed riding their little pony's! 

Then it was time for the pumpkin shoot, where we sling shot tiny pumpkins out into a field!  Cameron had fun and tried it a couple times!  Daniel cried because he didn't want to sling-shot the pumpkin!  Poor guy!

Then it was time to head out and grab dinner!  See you next year Bi-Zi Farms!  Thanks for another fun year!

Happy Fall everyone! Hope you enjoy the pics!


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