Friday, October 23, 2009

Please go to sleep!

Yes, it is 11:22pm and Cameron is still awake! I tucked the boys in at 9:00pm, and they were noisy until 10:00, and then pretty quiet.  Bryan came home from work about 10:30, and found Cameron standing at the doorway. I didn't even hear him get up! I do not know why he is still awake, but knowing him, he will still be up by 8:00am and be Mr. Cranky Pants tomorrow and will need an extra long nap!  Good thing I have a massage scheduled for 10:00am and Daddy gets to deal with it!  Then hopefully I'm off to meet my Mom and sister for lunch and then we have a surprise for Mom!  She has been spending tons of time helping take care of Grandma and we felt that she needs a little R&R and time to herself for an afternoon! I can't say what the surprise is because she reads this blog and I don't want her to know what it is!  I'll tell you about it tomorrow!  Hopefully Grandma will be moved back to the facility tomorrow where they can get back to working on the Physical Therapy with her!

I'm looking forward to a special last minute plan for on Sunday afternoon!  We were offered the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to see Disney On Ice!  We agreed to get the tickets! We have never taken the boys to something like that before, so I'm looking forward to it!  It is featuring the Little Mermaid, Lion King, Cars & Fairies!  Our seats are pretty good and I'm just hoping the boys will sit still long enough to enjoy it!

Well, I'm to bed!  Sleep tight everyone! And have a wonderful weekend!


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CFCina said...

Good for you guys surprising your mom! Have FUN...Can't wait to hear how Disney on Ice goes..we were thinking about taking Charlie, then didn't act upon it...maybe next time.

On the going to bed thing, I have NO advice for you...we only have Charlie, so she pretty much knows now that we mean business when we tuck her in, especially since Monday-Thursday Victor gets her up @5:30am to get ready for school...Good luck with Cam my friend, good luck! HANG IN THERE!