Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Mommy! You're my best friend!"

The most wonderful words to ever leave my child's lips, other than "I Love You"!  "Mommy, you're my best friend!".  Oh how I wish that they would always feel that way, but alas, I know those moments are limited.  So I will enjoy these little things they say as long as possible!  This one was so dearly shared with me by Daniel while I was laying on the couch yesterday.  I stayed home sick and wasn't feeling well.  And when I could, I would lay on the couch while the kids played around me.  Daniel climbed over the side of the couch behind my head and grinned down at me with his huge blue eyes and big childish grin and said "Mommy, you're my best friend!".  I grinned the biggest grin I've grinned in a while and said "You're my best friend too!".  What a sweet little boy!  Then he just became a little goofball and said really funny things like,  "You're Cammy?".  I said nope!  Then he said, "You're Daniel?".  I said, "Nope! You're Daniel!".  Then he said, "You're Caillou?".  I said "Nope! I'm Mommy!"  What a silly little boy!  Then I hear the newest little thing he says to me a lot.  "Mommy!  You're a princess!"  What a sweet, adorable, playful, silly and loving little boy I have!  Cameron in the mean time, was laying at my feet on the couch.  Even though they were loud and noisy and fighting at times while I was home, this is my favorite time I will remember with them!  Curled up with Cameron at my feet and Daniel looking over the back of the couch and saying I'm his best friend!  Do you think I can get that in writing?  I'd love it to be that way forever!  Made my sick day at home just a bit better!


CFCina said... precious! We SO have to remember these moments when they become TEENAGERS! ;-)

Crazy Caine Family! said...

Totally agree Kathy! I'm not his best friend anymore. :-( Today his best friend is Zoe' our dog! And then later he said his trains are his best friend! Silly little boy!