Monday, October 19, 2009

Ready! Set! Aim and Pee!

Yes, we have begun trying to use the potty....while standing up!  Well, I'm not trying since my aim isn't very good! But the boys are trying and think it is funny!  It seems they are more willing to go potty since they get to stand and "aim"!  Hopefully this will get the potty training going in the right direction!  They still won't tell us they have to go potty!  I have stopped buying diapers and we are only using pull-ups now.  I have bought new "nummy" treats for using the potty in hopes to entice them to go more.  Now we'll try the standing and peeing thing and see if this helps them go more often!  However, it is much messier now! 

And have you ever thought about what you sound like and what you say to your kids?  Well, my boys have recently decided to start talking to us, the way we talk to them and acting like the Mommy & Daddy!  Such as, "You go night night now.  Don't get out of bed!"  or  "You be quiet Mommy!"  It is actually quite hilarious when they start telling us what to do!  Makes me think that maybe I say that too much!  Either way, I didn't think they could talk more than they have been talking, but they are proving me wrong!  It is pretty much non-stop talk from both of them!  It is pretty much never quiet in this house!  Unless they are sleeping! 

Daniel is quite the little ladies man!  We were at the mall yesterday and the boys were playing in the kids play area, and Daniel kept following this little girl around!  Now I'm not kidding when I say that Daniel is usually chasing the girls that are older by 2-4 years!  This little girl was about half his age!  He was totally robbing the cradle!!!  She was only about 18 months old!  Most of the little girls have ignored him or ran from him.  Not this little flirt!  She tried to KISS him!!!  Her Mom told me that she had been learning how to give kisses and this was the first time she ever tried to kiss someone other than family!  It was hilarious because Daniel actually shyed away from her and shook his head!  It was hilarious to watch!  Boy oh boy will we have our hands full when these handsome little men are older!

Well, I better get to bed!  Sleep tight all!


Jack said...

My boys are 9 and 5 and have only just recently developed consistent aim. Funny.

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Thanks for listening, and one last thing -- voting ends Oct 31.

All the best to you and your family,

Misti and Eric said...

GOOD LUCK! You are crazy! Completely crazy! I wouldn't let Ryan even CONSIDER standing to pee until just recently (almost 5). I was soooo not going to clean that up. :) When our newphew came over a couple of years ago and stayed overnight with us, he and I had it out over that same issue. I told him at Auntie Misti's we have to sit down to pee. :) I gotta get going on Marky's training, too. But I am never home it seems. He totally goes when I do try, so it would work, but just not enough time.