Sunday, October 18, 2009

Multiples and More Top Question of the week: Top 5 things all parents of Multiples need

Here is the question of the week from "Multiples and More" website.  As a busy working mom of twin boys, here is what I found I couldn't have lived without in the very beginning.

1. Boppy pillows - I had 2 regular boppies and 1 double boppy.  The individual ones worked out well for seperate propping feedings when I wasn't by myself.  And the double boppy worked out nicely for when I was feeding them by myself.

2. Extra carseat bases - My husband and I had 2 carseat bases in each of our cars, since he usually dropped the kids off at the Grandparents house to be watched for a few hours and I would pick them up.  It made it much easier to just snap in the carseats when it was time to go!  It is also safer, as it is recommended to not keep taking out the bases and re-installing them.  We bought all 4 bases brand new for about $25 each.  Worth the money for the safety and saved time.  As a side note, my parents bought extra bases for their van as well, since they took them places sometimes when they had the kids.  However, they got them used from friends!

3. If you are a working mom and will return to work, but plan on pumping, I recommend 2 breast pumps. I had 1 that I kept at work and used during the day and would simply bring the cooler with the milk home with me.  I had the other pump for at home or when we went places.  Be sure to check with your insurance plan, because many will cover the purchase of a pump.  If you need a doctor's prescription for a pump for your insurance, you shouldn't have a problem getting that from your doctor.  I got one of mine free using my insurance and the 2nd one I bought outright. 

4. Two changing areas in the home.  We had one in the boys bedroom and one in the living room.  Now, I'm not talking 2 changing tables.  In the boys room, we didn't buy a changing table.  We used a low 6 drawer dresser and bought a changing pad for about $25.  My mom made 2 different changing pad covers.  But I also bought 2 packs of cloth diapers and would lay one right under the babies bottom area.  Since squirts and leaks and messes happen, it is easier to change the cloth diaper, than to take off and wash the entire changing pad cover.  Plus we had a blanket or towel in the living room with a basket of diapers and wipes.  When you are by yourself (and sometimes you are), you don't want to leave one baby un-attended to go to the bedroom to change the other one!

5. Friends and family!  It is difficult to survive without your friends and family by your side to help!  Don't refuse help with cleaning your home, or making meals.  You will be doing it yourself the rest of your life!  Accept the help when it is given, because it will allow you more resting time, and more time to enjoy your little additions!  And don't forget about us Twin Mommy Buddies!  We've been there, done that and have the experience to tell you what works and what doesn't!  I still take in new ideas or methods from other Twin Mommies and probably always will!

Hope this helps a few of you mommy's out!  Take care!

* proud twin Mommy to 3 year old boys, Daniel & Cameron 

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