Monday, October 5, 2009

Stubborn Grandma = Healing Grandma!

I am very proud to say that my Grandma is slowly getting better in her re-hab center! She is getting more strength every day and increasing her mobility! We played cards this evening and I made it a strength training workout! I even had her shuffle the cards and even though she was slow, she did a great job! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together (the food was ...... ok) but the company was great! I made her laugh and when she was doing her nebulizer treatment, I made funny faces at her! I tried to talk her into wheelchair races with the other tenants, but she said no! What a party pooper! Keep the prayers coming for her to heal and recover quickly, so we can rebook that cruise together! Can't wait to spend a wonderful vacation with her and the family!

I picked the boys up late tonight and they crashed in the car on the way home (YAY)! Which means they went straight to bed when we got home! I love evenings like that because then there is no fighting to go to bed!

Have a great week everyone!
(Proud grand-daughter!)

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CFCina said...

Continuing to send lots of happy thoughts & prayers to Grandma and ALL of you!!! ;-)

~ Kathy